Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Few of Our Favorite Things

On to the next stage...I'm not in love with this one for sure but we're coping after our first rough patch. We are teething now...eeeekkks! Slobbering, screaming, kicking, OH MY! My sweet angel baby seems to have multiple personalities now. One minute he is the cooing, smiling, funny little guy I have come to love beyond measure and the next instant he is a stomach kicking, red faced hollering, back arching TERROR of a child! The first day in happened I literally plopped him in his swing in front of an (educational) DVD and went to sit on the front porch with my fingers over my eyes and ears, head pounding and feeling like a failure after 8 nonstop hours of crying. Not one of my proudest mommy moments but I had met my quota for the day. That evening I got online to do some research about teething so we would neverrrr have another day like that one! So after mucho Googling and some purchases over the weekend here is some info on the things that have helped for us as well as a couple trial and error buys we have made!

Sophie The Giraffe's Story:

Sophie Sophie Sophie! I could not understand how this little toy could possibly be all that. It was STILL sold out online at Babies R Us, it was unavailable at the 2 closest stores in our area...seriously! I went online and found out you could reserve one for a pick up at a Barnes & Noble if they had any in stock...so we did. Daddy went and picked our gal up Sunday morning after we received our Top Secret email they had one on hold for us! As I incredulously tore into the packaging, I could see that Grayson seemed to be transfixed by her simply painted spots and plain little face. We had a little chuckle after we took her out and found out she squeaked. Did we really just pay $20 for a glorified dog toy??? So after a quick run through some boiling water (and the loss of her squeaking ability...DANG;) lol!) we handed her over during a crying fit. G is smitten by this little giraffe. He coos at her and holds her up in the air to see her face, goes to town chewing on every inch of her 46 year old,100% natural rubber and food painted body and STOPS screaming when his gums are hurting him! He loves her, I love her and I hope you will love her too;) On a side note, you can easily smush her head through a pacy keeper and clip her to anything so she doesn't end up on the ground and off limits on an outing.

Another winner is this super bendy, dishwasher and freezer safe 100% silicone tooth/gum brush. G loves to chomp on this and have me rub it over his gums while singing silly teeth brushing songs!

We finally got off of our Similac Neosure this month thank goodness...3 months early might I add! On the hunt for new formula I have found a real winner...100% certified organic and also with nontoxic packaging we're drinking this now:

Grayson has had no issues during the switch to this formula, has a lot less gas and it doesn't stink like other formulas. The only downside is it's not available at ANY local stores so I have to order it online...ho hum:(

Things We Love!

Wastes of Money!

That's all for now...good luck in your endeavors mommas! I'll leave you with a thought for the day that I say RIGHT ON to :):

 "The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn." ~John Lubbock


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