Thursday, April 29, 2010

Taking the First Step some of you may know I have bid adieu to Corporate America hopefully for the first and last time! I am now home taking care of my little king until he gets a little older and off of his pesky apnea monitor. I have been a busy little daydreamer though...handmade soaps, red worms, compost, OH MY! I have convinced my city slicker hubby to till up a large slab of sod in our back yard and soon will be filling it with lovely organically grown fruits, veggies and herbs and I can't wait! I have been educating myself on organic gardening for a couple weeks and think I am ready to get to digging in the to find some good poo lol! I have also been veeeery interested in making my own baby skin care products so I have been learning about that as well. It really disgusts me the crap companies are allowed to bottle up for you to slather all over your little angel and most people have NO idea how bad it is for them! I'll stop there's a little late to start a full out big business rant this evening...errrrr...morning:) So fingers crossed we don't end up in a cardboard box under an overpass somewhere without my paycheck coming in! We are in the process of refinancing the mortgage but I'll save that for another time. Trust'll want to know about that! Anywho, good night to all and sweet dreams, this baby of mine should be up soon to chug a bottle!

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